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25 for 25


By May 2, 2017 No Comments

Hey you.

Yes, you. I have something important to tell you.

You are knowledgeable.

You know things. Of that there is no doubt.

They may be traditional forms of understanding (“book smarts”) such as maths, science or literature. Or things you learn from experience (“street smarts”). Think common sense, the ability to adapt or spot bullshit.

Hell, it could be literally* anything that requires a modicum of skill. How to cook. Draw. Sing. Or play a sport.

The point is, you know things. Which means?

You are important.

To your friends. Your family. Or any little creatures that depend on you.

You see, your experience makes you valuable. People gravitate around those who benefit their day (no matter how big or small); and, since you’re a culmination of all your experiences, you have to be significant to those who stick around. Which means?

You are loved.

Don’t ever forget that.

Why? Because self-confidence is defined as a feeling of trust in one’s abilities, qualities and judgement. And the above logic – nay, science^ – says you never have to doubt yourself ever again. You are knowledgeable. You are important. And you are loved by those who genuinely make you happy.

People gravitate around those who benefit their day. No matter how big or small that may be.

Of course, people will try and bring you down over the course of your life.

They’ll attempt to insult you. Hurt you. Or make you question your self-worth.

Ignore them.

They. Are. Nobodies. As only a nobody would enjoy belittling others.

Stay true to yourself and be resilient.

Everything will be OK in the end.

As Henry Ford once said:

“When everything seems to be going against you, remember that airplanes take off against the wind. Not with it.”

With all my love,



*Like the correct usage? Ha.

^Not actual science.

To celebrate turning 25, Kyle’s decided to share his thoughts on 25 subjects over the next year. New post every two weeks. You can also follow him on Twitter and Instagram.